Affiliate Structure and System




Our goal is to be present everywhere and as close to you as possible. After 7 years of experience in the market. Trinity is now aiming to expand both in and out of Albania, offering its products and services where it feels valued and wanted by you.

The program designed by us consists on guiding any potential investor starting from the concept of management, continuing with the architecture and providing each manager or investor with the needed training from specialized and experienced personnel, before and after opening the unit. This training program aims to assist each manager and staff in how to operate the new unit according to company procedures and standards as well as in developing managerial and operational skills.


What does Trinity offer to partner?

  1. A brand known to the consumer

  2. Standards of products and quality of service

  3. Assistance in realization of the architectural project.

  4. Managerial support from us both before and after opening the unit

  5. Integrated sales and monitoring systems

  6. Continuous improvement of products

  7. Staff Recruitment

  8. Continuous  training of staff

  9. Marketing guidance and organization

  10. Contracts with suppliers as part of the Trinity Group

  11. Minimizing investment risk through experience


An ideal partner for Trinity: 

  1. Has a substantial fund to meet the terms of the Partnership and the opening of a new unit ranging from 330-420 Euro/m2 including VAT

  2. Fulfills the conditions required by us

  3. Has long term goals of cooperation

  4. Has significant knowledge in the field of service, preferably in the field of cafeteria.



The procedure for opening a Trinity affiliate.


  • Filling in the Partnership Form and sending it scanned.

  • Visit and analysis of potential environment

  • Signing of the cooperation contract

  • Realization of architectural project

  • Defining the project budget

  • Implementation of unit construction

  • Employment and training

  • Preparation of promotional materials

  • Unit supply

  • Opening and promoting the unit