Marketing & Distribution 

For about 3 decades M & D is one of the leading logistics and distribution companies in Albania, duly representing national and international brands for the most qualitative products.

M&D, selected as the trusted distributor of some of the major principals around the world, performs with high standards the logistics, distribution, processing, storage and warehousing of products as well as their archiving.

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Interlogistic shpk

Great logistics and distribution company in Albania, representative of high quality and well-known international brands.  

One Stop Supermarket

One of the biggest well-known supermarket networks in Tirana offering to its costumers a variety of high quality food products on a friendly price and great promotions, giving everyone the opportunity to choose. 


Villa E’bel

Villa E’bel, a building since 1933, is a charming Albanian traditional themed hotel located in the heart of Korca. As soon as you enter the hotel, you will sense the tradition of Albanian hospitality, surrounded by the originality of the interior design and antiquaries. An unique experience in spacious cozy rooms and friendly service, local traditional food and wines, homemade rakia or cocktails.